Yesterday was my son’s third birthday! Planning a birthday party is stressful and, as we are now juggling two kids this year since our new addition in December, my budget and energy for this party were pretty limited.

This year his language developed enough where he was able to understand what his birthday meant enough to know he wanted a Paw Patrol birthday party. “I eat the Paw Patrols!” he said, and I can only assume and hope he meant cake.

Planning a birthday party for a picky eater is extra stressful. You want them to be a kid and enjoy themselves but also, you know not one of the fifty turkey pinwheels you bought is going to end up even close to his mouth. So you plan it early enough where you can squeeze in something he’ll eat before he (hopefully) naps. All while knowing that if all goes according to plan he is likely not going to care much for dino nuggets. And that is exactly what happened.

The day of the party we obviously talked up all things birthday related to him. He knew exactly what a birthday party was because of daycare. As soon as he heard the word birthday party he screamed, “I WANT CAKE!” I was able to reason with him by showing him his colorful Paw Patrol cake and reassuring him that we will eat it at the party.

His friends started showing up and he really didn’t care about anything else after that. Until it was time for his long awaited Paw Patrol cake. I want to really emphasize how picky of an eater my son is. It’s often impossible to get him to eat anything. So when I saw him tear into his cake I was thrilled. Last year on his birthday I tried to get him to eat a cupcake that was specially purchased for him and he cried. Progress has been made.

Giving a toddler a present is always an adventure. Seeing their excitement and hearing their giggles as they rip apart the wrapping is such a magical experience. And all of his presents were on point this year. I tried to choose the present to be opened based on who wasn’t distracted, a difficult task at a three year old’s party. My son saw the toy push lawn mower in the giant dino bag and excitedly started pushing it all around the house. When we asked if he wanted to open his others he decidedly said, “Nope!” and started another lap. He eventually opened the rest with the same amount of enthusiasm.

Overall it was a huge success. My extra picky toddler was able to tell me what he wanted with the only fail being the turkey pinwheels. At least he liked the cake. And the presents.

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  1. Helpful tips! Picky eaters run in our family; we are definitely trying to prepare ahead of time 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  2. Glad it was a success. I always feel like we stress too much about the details and the company is what really matters…and the cake of course!

  3. Picky eaters are tough. It’s hard for so many reasons! I’m a health coach and really care about the foods my kids choose to eat. And I try really hard not to get into battles with them over their food choices. It never works. There is either a battle or a super disappointed mom who worries about all the crap foods they insist on eating. It’s a work in progress for sure.

  4. Oh my goodness, I don’t know a toddler who ISN’T a picky eater! I just try to make sure that the food that is consumed, is pretty healthy.

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