Dinner Winner Plate Review

Making dinner a fun experience is a tried and true way of making any kid relax and hopefully eat at meal time. Recently we tried the Dinner Winner Plate to try to make eating dinner a literal game.

Overall, the concept is really cute. The plate is designed to look like a board game. Each square has encouraging phrases to get your kid to try whatever food is in that square. Once your child eats his way to the last square they get a treat! They come in a few different designs, the one we got was the dinosaur print.

My son is three, so he was very into the design. I make sure he had some things on the plate that he would like. He didn’t really follow the order of the squares, he just went right to the things he knew he liked. I had talked up him getting a treat if he ate everything, so when he ate what he wanted he said, “all done!” and then wanted the treat. I’m not sure if I should have not mentioned the treat or not. When I explained that he only gets the treat if he eats everything he got pretttttty mad. I got him to eat all but 2 of the squares, though he did nibble on some of the cheese. I did withhold the intended treat since he didn’t eat everything, but since he did do pretty well I gave him a veggie pouch and told him it was his treat. It was actually just in the last square before the actual treat and he had no idea.

I’m hoping that if we keep using Dinner Winner Plate that my son will start to see how fun eating can be and eat more of what is on the plate. I highly recommend it to parents who are dealing with a picky eater. Making eating a game is a great way to get them interested.

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11 thoughts on “Dinner Winner Plate Review

  1. Haha, this is the cutest eating game I have ever heard of! I don’t have children, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when I’ll need such persuasion strategies 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    PS: It would be really nice if you included some pictures next time! I’d love to see how the squares look like.

  2. Oh, I’ve wondered about these for a long time! Sometimes my kids are the worst eaters and it’s very frustrating.

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