Who Doesn’t Like Cheese?!

I don’t think my son likes cheese. Which really begs the question: is he even my child? I’m almost five months in to a dairy-free diet because I’m breastfeeding my daughter and I’m not going to lie… I live a little dangerously and have cheese from time to time because cheese is amazing. (Before you judge please know that I am dairy free due to an abundance of caution because my son had the allergy and outgrew it. My daughter has never had any of the definitive signs of a dairy allergy, she just poops a lot when I have a lot of dairy).

I have tried everything to get him to like cheese. I’ve offered it in all forms, on all things, all of the times. Sometimes he nibbles on the cheese squares that come in the Lunchable package. So he sorta likes bad, cheap cheese. Sometimes he will poke his mac and cheese with his fork like a woodpecker pecks at a tree. But not even a pretend airplane will make it go in his mouth.

Friday he had pizza for lunch. He cried and said he wanted bread. I told him pizza is bread with cheese and tomato sauce. I offered to take the cheese off of it. He surprised me by trying it cheeseless. He looked at the remaining sauce and said, “That’s peanut butter!” I explained to him that it’s not, that it’s tomato sauce but he would’t hear it. I make a point to be honest with him about what he is eating… but I tried and he insisted that it was peanut butter. He was eating it so if that’s the lie he needed to tell himself to eat then cool!

Today, however, he refused to even be at the same table with the pizza. “I don’t like pizza! It’s yucky! I wanna throw it in the trash!” Pretty weird coming from a kid who ate pizza two days prior thinking it had peanut butter on it, but okay.

Kids do what they want. They hear what they want. They believe what they want. They eat what they want (kinda). And loving cheese is not a genetic trait, apparently.

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  1. kids will be kids, mine refuses to eat peanut butter. he won’t even eat a chocolate bar with peanuts in it. I guess there’s no peanut butter sandwiches in the future for us.

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