Sustainable Parenting

In light of Earth Day, here are six ways I incorporate sustainability and environment friendly habits in my every day life.

  1. But first, coffee. For real. I have a three year old and an almost five month old. Coffee needs to be given with an IV drip. Brewing coffee using a french press* is a great way of making a flavorful cup while saving electricity. Additionally, you can use the coffee grounds in your beauty routine! Start your day with a coffee scrub or mask. Wear your coffee as you drink it! It can also be used in art or as a sensory activity for the littles… just make sure they don’t eat it because nap times are sacred.
  2. Opt outside. We live in Texas and sometimes this is hard because of the heat. But every opportunity that I have I take the kiddos outside. I try to spend as much time as possible in our local parks. If it’s too hot to be outside for a long time I’ll take them for a walk to check the mail. We also have plenty of backyard activities, like a water table* so we are outside and staying cool.
  3. Natural lighting. It drives me crazy when my family turns on lights unnecessarily. A lot of us are just in the habit of having the lights on in the room when we really don’t need them on. Pull apart those curtains and open the blinds and let the light in! It sounds overly simple but if you can see perfectly fine in a room, you don’t need to turn on the lights.
  4. Black out curtains. We live in a two story house. Upstairs is incredibly hot in the summer and we do everything we can to stay downstairs during the day. But as I said earlier, naps are sacred. We use blackout curtains* in each of our bedrooms to blockout sunlight and help keep it a little cooler.
  5. Clean green. There’s a lot that can be done to be environmentally savy while cleaning. You can install low flow faucets around your house and get in the habit of scraping your dishes as opposed to using the garbage disposal. If you use a dish washer, only run it when it is really full. Try to cut down on plastics and paper by using reusable products. Try to opt for a dish towel or rag as opposed to a paper towel.
  6. Eat sustainably. This is something that is really hard when you have young kids, especially when they are as picky as mine. Try to educate yourself on what you are eating and the possible longevity and environmental impact of harvesting that food is. Also, grow a garden! Growing your own food and herbs is an excellent way to eat sustainably.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and have a Happy Earth Day!

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