So I took a Break

I’m back!

I had a lot of stuff come up the last few weeks and decided to take a break. Here is some stuff I’ve been up to:

  • Home decor – Because adulting is hard, I never really formally decorated my house, mostly because we are still renting. It has always been extremely bland. We haven’t wanted to spend much money decorating a space that is going to be temporary. But I’ve sprinkled some of my own personal space into our home. I’m completely in love with At Home and Ikea. I have been binging HGTV and chanelling my inner Joanna Gaines.
  • I’ve been doing what I can to practice self care. It is extremely hard with two kids. That’s a big part of why I have been on a home decor binge. I have every intention of figuring out an exercise schedule and am looking into gym memberships that have childcare. I am a little concerned about how my youngest will do in a childcare facility, even if it’s just for like an hour. She is very attached to me.
  • I’ve been doing with an overly attached infant! It is a beautiful thing, I love how cuddly she is. I feel like I must be doing something right for her to rely on me so much. But it is also really hard on me, especially since I am a stay-at-home mom and have a three year old as well. There’s so many times throughout the day that she just wants to cuddle and sleep on me but I have to get her brother a snack or meal or help him with something else.
  • I have been entertaining and researching sleep training. My infant used to be an amazing sleeper. As soon as she turned four months she became an awful sleeper. I used to brag about what a good sleeper she was. As a newborn she would sleep 8 hours. At four months she went through a growth spurt and also a developmental leap. That’s when her intense attachment happened and her sleep regressed. We started co-sleeping out of absolute desperation. It’s something I always said I wouldn’t do. I know the dangers, but it’s literally the only way any of us get sleep. We do create a safe little “harbor” for her to sleep in between us. We push the pillows to the edge of the bed and she sleeps between them. We put her on top of the blankets. We did try to buy a co-sleeper but right now she is about to be six months so she is big (she was in the 85 percentile for height at her last appointment) and she is very active and rolls everywhere. So, we get little use out of the co-sleeper. As of right now, we are trying to establish a bedtime routine that includes her sleeping in her own crib. My husband puts her down and it takes a really long time. She usually will stay asleep. Out struggle is that she often wakes up sometime during the night (it varies when) and she won’t go back to sleep in her crib. I think part of the problem is that I’m the one that gets her when she wakes up during the night and because it’s me, she wants to nurse. I end up bringing her into our bed after a while of trying and she goes right to sleep. Because of that, I have a theory that a big part of the problem is that she prefers our mattress (a memory foam) over her own mattress. I ordered a memory foam mattress topper for her to help with that. If that doesn’t work than I will formally sleep train… but really hoping that it doesn’t come to that. I’ve been reading up on the No Cry Sleep Solution* to prepare because I can’t do the cry it out method.
  • I have been preparing for my youngest to start solids. This doesn’t really mean much preparing except that I am trying to research baby lead weaning. With Elliott we just did purees and then finger foods and I’m hoping that doing baby led weaning will expose her to more textures and also make eating more of a social experience so she is less picky. She has shown a LOT of interest in food and I have given her a few tastes and she has been interested in it all, so that’s really encouraging. So far she’s had avocado, peaches, pears, mum mum crackers, and a little bit of refried beans.
  • My whole family was sick for a week! I don’t think this requires much explanation. Germs suck.
  • My oldest started swim lessons. The first lesson went great. His second lesson was awful. He decided he was afraid of the water. He doesn’t like to dunk his head. He had ear tubes put in when he was a year and a half and ever since then he cries when water gets in his ears. He also hates water in his face, specifically his eyes. I went ahead and bought him goggles and I found a swim headband that blocks water from getting in the ears. But he just has so much anxiety about it that it’s going to take some time for him to become acclimated. But I’m really excited for him to get used to the water. I think that swim lessons are so necessary, if you can afford them. I’ve always been so anxious about him being around the water so I’m happy he’s learning how to safely be around and in it.
  • I’ve been job hunting. This has been an ongoing thing. Austin has a seemingly impossible job market. It is extremely saturated. The extreme competitiveness paired with the fact that I have to be extremely picky on location and culture because of the fact that I’m a mother.
  • I recently got accepted to grad school! I will be pursuing a masters in digital marketing and analytics. Hopefully that makes me a more competitive candidate in the job search! There isn’t much going on with that currently, but I am getting ready and am excited to register for classes soon.
  • My oldest is going through a potty training regression. Yesterday he pooped on my kitchen floor. Send help! I’m going to have to reinforce potty training with him. It’s only with poop. I think he has anxiety about going on the big potty. #toddlerproblems
  • We booked a much needed vacation to the Texas Coast! I’m really excited to get away with my family. We are renting a house for a weekend with our good friends who have a daughter a couple months younger than our baby. I’m very excited to spend some time on the beach.

I think that’s about it! Until next time!

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